A Guide to Buying the Right Audio System for Your Home Theater

The audio system of any home theater plays a key role in bringing life into your home and making the cinema experience unforgettable. With the multiple options available, picking out the right audio system can be challenging.

To help ease your navigation through the tricky waters of getting the best audio system for your home theatre, here are a few tips.

Surround Sound System or a Soundbar?

If you have a big living room with lots of space, then the surround sound system will be the best option for you. Its multiple speakers give it superior sound quality, and the ability to deliver audio from all angles gives you an immersive experience. There is the standard 6.1 system for medium sized living rooms and 7.1 and 9.1 systems for more spacious rooms.

For those low on space, then the soundbar system is the most suitable option. It is easy to mount on a stand or wall, and you can rest assured that it will deliver a satisfying experience too.


If you decide to go for a customized creation of your system, get speakers from similar brands as they will work more efficiently and effectively. For the subwoofer, you can select whichever brand you please.

Stereo or A/V receiver?

A/V receivers operate multiple speakers simultaneously. This makes them the best for the surround sound system. Stereo receivers, on the other hand, are most fit for soundbar systems since they normally run two speakers at a time.

When selecting which audio system to go for, first assess the size of your living room. For a customized option, choose speakers of the same brand and subwoofers of the most superior brand in the market. Finally, select between an A/V receiver and a stereo receiver based on the number of speakers you want to have.