4 Best Audio Players 2017

Audio players have come a long way from playing cassettes to the new digital audio players. iPods revolutionized the technology to what it is today. More companies are making the audio player and developing better products. To choose the best consider some factors which differentiate them. The audio player is different regarding storage capacity to even pricing.

The Quester QP2R

This China made player is one of the best in the market having scoped some awards. It has awesome features and supports different file formats. Linux open platform operating system has been used making it stable with no system crash. Storage is quite good with 256GB which can be expanded up to 512GB.

Shawling M3S

Considerably cheaper than the quested, this audio player comes with pretty good features. Controls are easy to operate. The sound quality is good while the memory is convenient having 8GB expandable to 256GB. So just connect it with a good pair of headphones and listen to your favorite audio files.

Sony NW-WM1Z N

Sony is known for making high-quality products, having worked on the famous Walkman before, you are assured this one is top notch. The body is made of a copper chassis with buttons on the side, hence the design is superb. Sound quality has been catered for with the NW-WMIZ having a digital sound enhancement engine which fixes up faulty audio files. Storage of 256GB with the option of expanding.

Opus 2

Body is made of an aluminum body with a good processing unit. Audio quality is well detailed with every sound note coming out well. Pricing for the Opus is affordable as compared to other Audio players considering you have an internal memory of 128GB.

Those are just some of the audio players that have made it in the 2017 list. However, always check for what you require in the device since they differ in some ways.